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Our Bookkeepers are Licensed CPA's

All of our Bookkeepers are Licensed CPA's. 

They're experts at helping you maximize your spendable dollar!

Maximize Tax Deductions

Our Expert Team of Licensed CPA's ensure that all eligible expenses are properly recorded and categorized, maximizing tax deductions for the business. According to the Small Business Administration, the average small business overpays its taxes by $11,638 due to missed deductions and errors in tax reporting. With accurate bookkeeping, businesses can reduce their tax liability and retain more profits for growth.

Compliance with Tax Laws

Our Team of Professional Small Business CPA's stay up-to-date with tax laws and regulations, ensuring that the business remains compliant and avoids costly penalties. The IRS estimates that small businesses collectively spend 2.5 billion hours annually on tax compliance, highlighting the complexity of tax regulations. By maintaining accurate records and filing taxes correctly, businesses can minimize the risk of audits and fines.

Strategic Financial Management

Proper financial management by our Expert Team of CPA's allow businesses to identify areas of inefficiency and allocate resources effectively, driving growth. A survey by QuickBooks found that 82% of small business owners who work with accountants or bookkeepers feel more in control of their finances. With clear financial insights, businesses can make informed decisions and invest in opportunities for expansion.

Timely Financial Reporting

Our team of Small Business CPA's provide timely financial reports, enabling businesses to track performance and identify trends in real-time. According to a survey by Deloitte, companies that prioritize real-time financial reporting are 55% more likely to have strong financial performance. With access to accurate and up-to-date financial information, businesses can make proactive adjustments and capitalize on opportunities for growth.

Facilitate Reinvestment

By managing financials properly, Our Licensed CPA's help your business identify opportunities for reinvestment and strategic growth initiatives. Research by Bank of America found that 29% of small business owners plan to use increased profits for business expansion. With efficient bookkeeping processes in place, businesses can allocate funds strategically and fuel long-term growth.

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