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Client Testimonial

OCD Car Detailing

Nick Riccitelli 

OCD Car Detailing | Southwick, MA

Nick's attention to detail and ability to adapt is unparalleled. He's a rising star!

Nick has a background in engineering, but after years in college and working in the field, he realized corporate life wasn’t for him. He turned his passion for detailing cars into a career. Nick found us after listening to a few episodes of our podcast and reached out when he discovered we were local to him. His main concern was marketing—he felt he was spending too much and not getting good results. He was right!

When we started working with Nick, we first gave his business a complete rebrand and helped him move to a larger, more retail-friendly location. Our construction company, Lotus Construction, built out his new space and we equipped it with the best tools, which helped attract top talent. In his first six months, Nick did more to build his brand than most business owners do in a lifetime.

With our team handling his financials and marketing, Nick can now focus on the most important aspects of his business. He has implemented new systems, added additional services, hired more staff by building a talent pipeline, and increased sales by over 160% within his first 180 days while maintaining 100% CSI. Nick’s hard work is building a solid culture that he and his team will be able to grow for many years to come. He's also the best Car Detailer that we've ever seen!




  • Car Count
  • ​Cashflow management
  • ​Not a retail friendly location
  • ​Online presence
  • ​Time management​​
  • Business management experience​ 
  • ​Recruiting experience
  • ​Networking experience
  • ​Put out fires as they happened
  • ​Peace of mind


  • ​Booked weeks out
  • ​Streamlined service offerings and implemented a weekly savings plan
  • ​"Main Street" location with 18,000 cars/day traffic count
  • ​Complete rebrand including logo, everything online, and location
  • ​Time management systems and safeguards
  • Added 3 experienced detailers within his first 120 days and systematically onboarded them, allowing him to easily duplicate and train the processes
  • ​Built and manages a pipeline that he can pull from
  • ​On his way to shaking $10,000+ hands​
  • ​Creates, implements, and manages new systems daily
  • ​Peace of mind

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