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Client Testimonial

Precision Auto Repair

Matt, aka "Handsome" 

Precision Auto Repair | West Springfield, MA

Incredibly smart, hard working, and the most compassionate person we know

Matt came to us with a strong background in customer service. Unfortunately, the company he worked for was moving to Utah, so he needed a new career. As a long-time customer, he followed us on social media and saw we were hiring. During his interview with James, Matt brought a pen and pad to ask his own questions, and he was basically hired on the spot.

Matt had to learn the entire automotive repair industry from scratch, and he did it incredibly well! Many years later, Matt is now the President of Precision Auto. He excels in employee management, time management, efficiency, and especially customer service. Matt has worked harder and smarter than anyone around him, and that's why he is where he is today. We're always incredibly proud of him!




  • Automotive Industry Experience - He had NONE
  • ​Time management
  • ​Cashflow management
  • Business management experience
  • ​Hiring experience
  • ​Networking experience
  • ​Put out fires as they happened


  • ​He's an absolute expert!
  • ​Time management systems and safeguards
  • Cashflow management level = Master!​
  • ​Runs a shop voted in the top 2% in the US by Google and voted Best Auto Repair Shop in West Springfield, MA for 10 consecutive years
  • ​Built and manages a pipeline that he can pull from
  • ​Has shaken $10,000+ hands and should run for mayor
  • ​Creates, implements, and manages new systems on a DAILY basis

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