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Radio Advertising

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Marketing on Radio

90% of Americans still listen to Radio.

Guaranteed that your Ideal Client is one of the 90%

Widespread Audience Reach:

With radio's weekly reach of 90% of Americans, Lotus Media can help your business connect with a broad audience, maximizing exposure and engagement.

Targeted Local Impact:

Radio remains a powerful local advertising medium, and 76% of radio listeners stay tuned during commercials, offering Lotus Media a strong platform to deliver your message effectively.

Influence on Purchase Intent:

52% of listeners have reported being influenced by radio ads to make online searches, emphasizing the role Lotus Media can play in driving potential customers to your business.

Frequency for Recall:

Studies show that repeated exposure to radio ads increases brand recall by 52%, indicating that Lotus Media's strategic radio campaigns can boost your brand's memorability.


Radio advertising offers an attractive cost-per-thousand (CPM) rate, often beating out other traditional and digital advertising avenues, allowing Lotus Media to help you achieve strong returns on investment.

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