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Downtown Auto | Green Bay, WI

Some of the best people you could ever meet!

Aaron and Stephanie are some of the most remarkable, kind, and generous people you could ever meet. Aaron started as a technician and eventually bought the local shop where he worked. We began working with them early on to help Aaron find some balance. His top priority was to make it home in time for dinner with his family. He also wanted Stephanie to work less at her job as an RN.

Thanks to their hard work, Stephanie now works at the shop with Aaron. They recently opened a second location, are always home for dinner, and have less stress since the businesses aren't solely dependent on them anymore.




  • Finding Staff
  • ​Not enough time in the day
  • ​Everyone going to Aaron and Stef for questions all day
  • ​Family time
  • ​Not getting enough done
  • ​Not making enough money


  • ​They have a pipeline of talent to hire
  • ​Time management systems and safeguards
  • Systems and continued training​
  • ​Family time
  • ​New CRM and diligent effort managing systems
  • ​They just opened a second location and are booked about 3 weeks out, and spend $0 on marketing

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