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"A Lotus Flower signifies REBIRTH and STRENGTH, which is what we give to the families and companies that we invest in."

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Auto Repair Shop Business Coaching

& Business Solutions Firm

Our Services


Our Marketing and Media Experts help you identify your target customer, build a plan to get them in the door, and we execute the whole plan for you. 

Business Coaching

Our Coaching Team helps you skip costly and time consuming steps when scaling your Auto Repair Shop

Most Popular 

Shop Owner Apprentice

Are you gifted at what you do? Do you want to own one or even multiple Auto Repair Shops? Maybe you work at one now that you want to buy? You'll definitely want to check this out.


Our Team of Licensed CPA's and Bookkeepers take the stress and headache out of managing your financials. This allows you more time to work on your business.

Succession Planning

Is it time to move on? Our Team of Industry Experts have the experience and systems to take your Family Owned shop to the next level and keep your legacy alive and well. 

Running an Auto Repair Shop
shouldn't be stressful!

Top Ways Lotus Business Solutions Can Help Your Shop Thrive

Experienced Coaching Team:

Count on our experienced Coaching Team and Support Staff to guide you through challenges and point you in the right direction, leveraging our history of growth and success.

Adding Car Count:

We expertly manage paid advertising on Google and Social Channels, and implement client retention programs, ensuring a steady flow of traffic to your website and shop.

Comprehensive Marketing Support:

We take care of all your marketing needs, ensuring your brand reaches a wider audience and potential customers. All of our Portfolio Companies average top rank for 10+ keywords within 120 days.

Efficient Financial Management:

Our expert team of Licensed CPA's handle all financial matters, including tax returns, so you can focus on growing your business.

Online Presence Revamp:

We provide our Portfolio Companies with a new online presence, complete with a modern, minimalist, user-friendly website to attract and engage customers.

Financial Support for Expansion:

Access to additional capital allows you to invest in infrastructure and expand your operations.

Family-Centered Approach:

We prioritize your work-life balance, ensuring you have more quality time with your family. We'll help you own a business, not just a job, aligning your goals with your family's well-being.

With Lotus by your side, you'll have the support, resources, and expertise needed to take your Auto Repair Shop to new heights. Our family-first approach means your success is our success, making it easier to achieve your business growth goals.

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