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G & A Import Auto Repair (Parts 1 and 2)

In today's special two-part episode, we had the pleasure of hosting Alfonze from G & A Import Auto Repair. We delved deep into the challenges faced by Auto Repair Shops, exploring topics such as part quality, hiring skilled Automotive Technicians, and understanding the changing landscape of customer interactions. Alfonze shared invaluable insights, and along with our hosts James and Pat, we discussed the importance of setting clear repair expectations and the complexities of aftermarket warranties.

This episode is a goldmine of business tips for Auto Repair Shop Owners and enthusiasts. If you're looking for expert guidance in the industry, stay tuned for this insightful discussion. Your trusted Auto Repair Shop Coach is here to offer you actionable advice, and it's all happening on Boys Under The Hood, in collaboration with Lotus Business Solutions.

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