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Rev Up Your Hiring Process: 3 Unconventional Tips for Finding Top Auto Repair Technicians

Hiring the right Auto Repair Technicians is a crucial aspect of running a successful

Independent Auto Repair Shop. You need skilled individuals who not only know their way around a car but also align with your shop's customer-focused culture. In this blog, we're going to explore three unconventional tips for finding and Hiring the Best Auto Repair Technicians, backed by real-world statistics and industry insights.

Host a Skills Competition:

Statistical Support: According to a study by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF), practical skills assessments reveal more about a Technician's ability than traditional interviews alone. Practical evaluations were found to be a highly effective method of assessing a Technician's skills and problem-solving abilities.

How to Implement: Consider inviting candidates to participate in a skills competition or hands-on challenge during the interview process. The practical assessment could involve diagnosing and repairing a specific automotive issue. This approach provides a real-world simulation of the Technician's daily tasks and helps you gauge their hands-on expertise and how they handle pressure.

Seek Recommendations from Suppliers and Customers:

Statistical Support: A study by Indeed Hiring Lab found that referrals from current employees, suppliers, or loyal customers result in higher-quality hires. In fact, referrals made up nearly 33% of external hires, and these candidates often had longer tenure and performed better in their roles.

How to Implement: Don't limit your search to traditional job postings. Engage with your automotive parts suppliers and build relationships with loyal customers. These individuals have extensive networks within the industry and may know of skilled technicians looking for new opportunities. Word-of-mouth recommendations can lead you to hidden gems in the industry who come highly recommended by trusted sources.

Test for Customer Service Skills:

Statistical Support: If your shop has Technicians that don't communicate with customers, we're happy to show you some proven tips that will help you increase brand loyalty, trust, value, and CSI without costing you more time or money. But you'll need 1-2 Technicians that can speak with customers.

A study by JD Power & Associates revealed that customer satisfaction is significantly influenced by the quality of the service experience at an Auto Repair Shop. This underscores the importance of having technicians who can effectively communicate with customers.

How to Implement: In addition to assessing technical skills, evaluate candidates' customer service and communication abilities. Use role-play scenarios in the interview process, where candidates must explain repair options or services to a "customer." This approach allows you to assess their ability to communicate clearly, provide excellent customer service, and ensure a positive customer experience.

Hiring the right Auto Repair Technicians isn't a one size fits all process, and these unconventional tips can help you uncover the best candidates for your Independent Auto Repair Shop. By incorporating practical assessments, seeking recommendations from trusted sources, and testing for customer service skills, you'll be better equipped to find Automotive Technicians who not only excel in their technical abilities but also enhance your shop's reputation for exceptional service. In the competitive Auto Repair industry, these strategies can set your shop apart and drive long-term success.


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