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What is an Auto Repair Shop Owner Apprentice?
(Our Most Popular Program)

Transformational Journey to Legacy Building:

Welcome to an unprecedented experience – the Shop Owner Apprentice Program by Lotus Business Solutions. More than just a business program, it's a journey to turn your Auto Repair Shop into a legacy. We leverage our extensive experience, industry insights, and network to empower you as a passionate and successful business owner.

Guidance for Building a Strong Foundation:

Our program begins with a bird's-eye view of your shop. We teach you how to establish a solid foundation, ensuring a consistently high-quality employee and customer experience. This is the starting point from which we'll help your business grow and thrive.

Elevate from Technician to Business Owner:

We're not just about running your business – we're about teaching you how to work on it, transforming you from a technician to a true business owner. Our goal is for you to own a business, not just a job, fostering growth and sustainability in the long run.

Empowerment in Sustainable Staff Management:

Sustaining success means learning to recruit, hire, and retain staff effectively. Our program guides you in building a capable team, freeing you from the cycle of doing it all yourself. We believe if you can teach others to do it, you're no longer stuck doing it forever.

Expert Marketing and Financial Management:

Our expertise doesn't stop at operations. Our program includes an Expert Marketing Team to create and execute a proven marketing plan, ensuring your success resonates in markets across the country. Additionally, Our Licensed CPAs manage your books and optimize financial reporting, maximizing deductions and cash flow.

At the culmination of this transformative training, a new opportunity awaits – partnering with us to acquire Auto Repair Shops in your area. This strategic move increases market share, fuels generational wealth, and solidifies your position as a leader in the industry. Embrace the future with Lotus Business Solutions – your path to legacy, growth, and unprecedented success.

65% of Businesses Fail within 10 years on their own.
Our average client sees a sustainable +118% in Sales and a visible decrease in stress by month 18. 

Who is an Ideal Candidate for
The Auto Repair Shop Owner Apprentice Program?

An Ideal Candidate is someone that possesses one or more of the following:

  • Shop Owners making $750K+ per year in Gross Revenue

  • Shop Owners that have been in business 5+ years

  • Current Auto Repair Shop Managers

  • Current Auto Repair Shop Lead Technicians

  • Must have a Positive Attitude, High Aptitude, and Strong Ethics - Must have all

Our Shops don't have to manage Financials, they don't manage Marketing, they don't manage Payroll, and they skip the costly and time consuming mishaps of building the business.

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